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Uncategorized thoughts about everything from travel, to work, productivity, and life and anything else that does not fit in the technical articles section

How It Started vs. How It's Going: Home Office Edition

If I am ever going to share a photo of my current home office, I might as well do a reality check along the way and share a photo of what the home office started like 10 years ago, when I took my first steps into the world of Web development.

My Typical Day

Into Interior Design

Things That Help Me Get Work Done

I've always been remote. And over the years, I got to try different ways of doing things. Some have stuck, and some didn't. In this post, I'll share the stuff that did stick and that helps me stay in Focus Mode throughout my working sessions.

Goodbye, Instagram.

I finally did it. I finally deleted my Instagram account. And it is such an incredibly liberating feeling.

A Journey to a Waste-Free Lifestyle

Just write.

Build Bridges, Not Walls

As a freelancer, spending hours with clients discussing projects, scheduling meetings, writing & signing contracts, etc. come with the job. There are services who offer freelancers the chance to work on projects without having to deal with any of this "client friction". But is this friction really that bad? I think not.

Traveling for Work: Packing & Tips

I’ve been traveling across the globe giving talks and running workshops at conferences & events for a little over three years now. Over this period of time, I’ve managed to learn how to travel easier, faster, healthier, more efficiently, and more comfortably. I'm going to share some of my favorite tips in this post.

Introducing: The Desk

There’s a new home for my non-technical articles, and this is it. This is where I’ll be posting thoughts on anything and everything from productivity, travel, life, healthy work habits, favorite apps and tools, and much more.

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